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Clarinet Concerto
for Bb clarinet and orchestra: 2.2(=corA).0.2-; II=SD/cabasa/2bongos/2wdbl/guiro/cast/claves/med susp.cym/Chin cym/agogo bells/sleigh bells/tgl-harp-strings

My Clarinet Concerto is in one continuous movement, in which a variety of contrasting textures and moods – from intensely dramatic to comical – are cross-cut and interwoven. Each one features a particular group of instruments: the scherzando music is led by the woodwinds, harp, and percussion, the expressive slow music by the strings, and the off-kilter fanfares by the brass. Occasional passages for the full orchestra punctuate these contrasting textures, and provide a lively introduction and conclusion.

The soloist's part is primarily lyrical and expressive – with occasional flights of dramatic virtuosity. Its relationship with the orchestra is fluid. It emerges from and disappears into the ensemble, sometimes initiating a spirited dialog, sometimes engaging the other instruments more obliquely, and sometimes following its own path.

The piece is the result of a collaboration with two long-time friends and colleagues. It was commissioned by Paul Hostetter for the Schwob Philharmonic and the wonderful clarinetist Marianne Gythfeldt. It is dedicated to these artists, who gave the premiere performance at Columbus State University on October 1st, 2017.

date: 2017
duration: 14:00
premiere: Oct 1, 2017, Columbus, GA, Marianne Gythfeldt (cl), The Schwob Philharmonic Orchestra, Paul Hostetter (cond)