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But Wait... The Luxury Continues
for six spoken voices

But Wait... The Luxury Continues was inspired by the varied and often bizarre world of advertising. The composition is scored for six spoken voices each of which announces a wide variety of short excerpts from print advertisements collected over a period of four weeks. The excerpts range from a word or two to several sentences and include claims about products, descriptions of desirable places or human attributes, reassurances, disclaimers, and finally reviews. In using these materials I sought out more poignant and ambiguous human qualities among the concrete superlatives of the consumer marketplace.

date: 1990
duration: 8:30
premiere: March 6, 1990, Greenwich House, New York, Friends & Enemies of New Music, Tom Cipullo, Nancy Gunn, John Link, Cynthia Miller, Gregory W. Pinney, Ben Yarmolinsky, Emilio Ros - conductor