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Piano Sonata
for two-channel audio

Piano Sonata is a sonata in the sense of a piece for piano sounds. The first movement, Vivo, serves as a brief introduction. The main movement, Largo, consists of sixteen layers of music which unfold at different rates, overlapping one another to create a constant ebb and flow of music from many layers. In each layer the piano sounds the eleven intervals in turn, releasing a halo of tones from the computer instruments. There are no dramatic moments, no points of arrival, and no climaxes—only an accumulation of layers at the beginning, and their dissolution at the end. The piece was realized at the Center for Computer Music at Brooklyn College, with the invaluable assistance of Curtis Bahn, to whom the piece is dedicated.

date: 1992
duration: 9:00
premiere: December 2, 1992, Greenwich House, New York, NY; Friends & Enemies of New Music.